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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I [Love!] Richard Edelman, SEE: EDELMAN PR - WSJ

Richard Edelman - 6 AM
Why does this subject belong in a blog devoted to communications and PR specifically? ...

HighVizPR says: OH, YEAH!


Questions for … Richard Edelman

PR Executive Turns to BloggersTo Spread Messages for Clients

By BRIAN STEINBERG, Wall Street Journal
May 17, 2006; Page B3C

With traditional advertising in the midst of massive change, some companies are turning to another marketing discipline that hasn't gotten as much attention: public relations. Richard Edelman has been pushing that profession into new frontiers.

The article: http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB114781836313754654-nMGIBffIdhHcF0xAfdlFjpIwLG8_20070516.html?mod=rss_free

And Edelman has a darn fine blog! - www.edelman.com/speak_up/blog/

More great PR BLOGS are HERE: (three from HV PR!)



Richard Edelman - 6 AM
Why does this subject belong in a blog devoted to communications and PR specifically? ... The Edelman Technorati Deal; Why This Matters for Companies. ...www.edelman.com/speak_up/blog/ - 39k -
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RICHARD EDELMAN'S BLOG. My intention is to share trends in communications, issues and insights. More >. Edelman provides services to disaster relief and ...www.edelman.com/ - 10k -
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Media Guerrilla:
Richard Edelman's blog was received positively by the blogosphere when it debuted late last month -- and rightfully so ...mmanuel.typepad.com/media_guerrilla/ 2004/10/dont_speak_up_e.html - 28k - Cached - Similar pages


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